What costs Australian tax payers more?

unemplyment vs debt

Debate on our budget spending as a nation is important.

Issues like unemployment benefits are rightfully debated however for some reason other issues which cost the tax payer even more money seem to get very little coverage by our mainstream media.

It would make sense to me that the level of debate on any given issue should be proportional to the impact that it has to the tax payer.

How can it be possible that many Australian’s are upset about the “dole bludgers”, yet don’t bat an eyelid when our politicians blow out the budget year after year to the point where the debt is now costing us almost $4 billion a year more then unemployment benefits?

What’s worse is that forecasts on future budget spending shows that over the next 5 years the cost of our national debt will add a further $4 billion burden on top of the existing $14.5 billion a year where unemployment benefits will increase by $1 billion a year in comparison.

Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-05-03/budget-2016-sliced-diced-interactive/7363834#spending/breakdown/2015/social-security-and-welfare

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