Where did ISIS come from, how did it grow so fast and how is Australia responsible?


The short answer is, ISIS is the creation of the US led Western Powers (including Australia) that continually pursue regime change in the Middle East with no regard to the consequences of said action.

ISIS is no doubt one of the most dangerous Terror organisation in the world, however less then 10 years ago ISIS was almost unheard of.

So how did a group that had virtually no presence in the Middle East grow to be the most powerful and dangerous terror organisation in the world along side other already notorious terror groups like Al-Qaeda?

The rise of ISIS began with the Iraq Invasion by the US led powers in 2003.

The “coalitions of the willing” invasion of Iraq was a catastrophic failure in foreign policy whose pretext was to bring stability and democracy to the region while at the same time preventing weapons from falling into the hands of terror organisations (like ISIS).

In John Howard’s speech to parliament on Feb 4 2003, “Weapons of Mass destruction”, was referenced 16 times and a driving factor for Australia’s motivation for going to war was as quoted by Prime Minister Howard “The ultimate nightmare for us all must be that weapons of mass destruction fall into the hands of terrorists.”

Source: http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2003/02/04/1044318602862.html

The effects of the war were in fact the opposite of the objective. The war not only destabilised the region it also ended up providing the perfect environment and conditions for terror organisations to grow and recruit, as they gained access to vast arsenals of weapons left behind by defeated and routing Iraqi loyalist forces.

Normally it would be unfair to make judgements in hindsight, however the consequences of the war were already known to our leaders that chose to ignore the advice given to them by our intelligence communities.

Perhaps the most damning piece of evidence is the recently released Chilcot Inquiry which highlights these failures.

Source: http://www.iraqinquiry.org.uk/…/the-report-of-the-iraq-inqu…

The Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) in the UK made a series of damning predictions and warnings to the UK should they invade Iraq and topple the Saddam regime.

Below is summary of some key warnings the JIC presented to the UK Prime minister and his cabinet before the war.

– Al-qaeda threat would increase at the onset of any military action

– Military action would lead to the increased threat from “other Islamic extremists” that would be “pursuing their own agenda”

– The imminent collapse of the regime in Iraq could see weapons transferred to terror groups such as Al-Qaeda.

(page 48 of the executive summary of the Chilcot inquiry)

Further more it was well known that Saddam was no supporter of Al-Qaeda and refused to permit Al-Qaeda presence within Iraq.

(page 43 of the executive summary of the Chilcot inquiry)

The fact is that the US led forces were trying to remove from power the man that was also a staunch opponent of the largest terror group at the time.

So with the collapse of the Iraq and Saddam Regime the the dire warning from the JIC came to fruition.

These warning were not only unique to the UK as the Australian intelligence community shared similar concerns with the invasion.

Source: http://www.theage.com.au/articles/…/09/24/1095961862471.html

The power vacuum left behind by an ANTI Al-Qaeda regime led to a desperate power grab from terror organisations that already had sleeper cells inside the country.

(page 48 of the executive summary of the Chilcot inquiry)

These were the first steps in the creation of ISIS and the stage was set for the swift and notorious rise of perhaps the most brutal terror organisation on the planet.

ISIS started to gain real traction in 2009 when they crossed the Iraq/Syrian border and joined the fight in the Syrian civil war against the Assad government.

ISIS embedded itself with the Free Syrian Army who opposed the Assad regime in Syria along side Al-Qaeda in 2011.

This is where the final stage for the growth and expansion of ISIS occurred.

America, was desperate to topple the Assad regime (much like Saddam in Iraq) and knowingly supplied weapons to the Free Syrian army to tip the scales in the Syrian civil war.

America knew full well that Al-Queda was one of the terror organisation that was part of the anti regime forces as illustrated in an interview between Journalist Ben Swann and President Obama in Sept of 2012.

source: https://vimeo.com/53751790 (2:49 on wards of the interview)

Despite reassurances from President Obama at the time to not get involved in the civil war, the flow or weapons, money and training soon began to fund the Free Syrian Army all the while the American government knew that ISIS and other jihadists were part of these forces that were benefiting from funding.

Senator John McCain was a huge supporter and very outspoken in regards to “evening the playing field” in Syria by funding the Syrian opposition

This fact is illustrated by an audio leaked of John Kerry (then secretary of state to the Obama administration) that confirms that military aid has gone to the opponents of Assad and that the US saw ISIS grow as a result of the funding, as reported by Wiki leaks.

source : https://twitter.com/wikileaks/status/816451863403003904…

Other reports of CIA funded weapons flowing to “rebels” were reported by major publications




While I hesitate to reference mainstream media reports due to historical agenda driven reporting on their behalf, it does highlight when backed with other more credible reporting sources the known funding of weapons that would find their way into the hands of ISIS fighters.

By 2014 ISIS had now taken over the Free Syrian Army as the major opponent against the Assad regime,

Source http://www.breitbart.com/…/us-backed-moderate-free-syrian-…/

Recently ISIS has once again turned it attention back to Iraq where it crossed the border, seized control of Mosul and northern parts of the country.

As citizens of this great nation we need to ask ourselves some serious questions.

How is it that our leaders reiterate their commitment to fighting terror across the globe yet their actions are in clear contradiction of this mandate?

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  1. Agree with your analysis – the Second Iraq war was totally ill conceived, had no real purpose but to topple Hussein and left a power vacuum in Iraq and conflict between Sunni and Shia – the perfect melting pot for ISIS.

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