The wasteful cost of Australia’s involvement in the Middle East

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Australia has lost 42 troops, spent at least $7 billion and committed 15 years to the longest war we have ever been engaged, in Afghanistan.

Despite all of this, there is no victory in sight and all we have done is contributed to making things worse.

Recently, Australia committed another 30 personnel to the region taking our total deployed troops in Afghanistan to 300.

It is time we distanced ourselves from the USA’s destructive, wasteful and unethical approach to wars around the globe.

In addition to the funds already spent in Afghanistan, Australia has spent $3.6 billion in Iraq between 2003-2005 and spends another $1 billion per year in the fight against ISIL in Syria, which was created in the first place due to the power vacuum created in the immoral Iraq war.

Australia has spent approx $10 billion from 2001-2016 in Iraq and Afghanistan, to destabilize the region just to spend more money trying to mop up the mess we created to the tune of $1 billion per year.

This does not even factor the money spent to deal with the consequential refugee crisis, humanitarian aid, or the additional cost of treating our veterans coming home with severe PTSD.

Ask yourselves, what could the government have done with $12 billion over the last 15 years? Complete the NBN properly and provide better funding for education and health?

The money most definitely could have been used much more efficiently.

Let’s not forget also the human cost of these disgraceful wars which cannot be measured.

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