Western Powers fueling the fires of global terrorism with military intervention and arms trades. Why are our governments lying to us?

By now, many people are familiar with the notorious images and footage, of the seemingly endless convoy of ISIL fighters crossing the boarders of Syria and Iraq.

What draws the attention of most curious folks, is the brand new condition of so many Toyota SUVs, commandeered by perhaps the most brutal terrorist organization in modern history.

It is safe to say that these fighters did not pop into their local Toyota dealership and get a package deal along with their friends on a large fleet acquisition.

It is laughable that the U.S has launched an inquiry directed at the Japanese automotive giant, asking questions as to where ISIL got so many Toyota’s from.

These are not the only images of ISIL fighters rocking hardware that should not be available to them. US Humvee’s, other armoured combat vehicles and western manufactured small arms are common sights in the hands of ISIL fighters within the region.

isis humvee

Based on various reports, below is a list of U.S hardware that has been so kindly provided to ISIL.

  1. 2,300 Humvee armoured vehicles at $70,000 each: $16 million
  2. 40 M1A1 Abram tanks at $4.3 million each: $172 million
  3. 52 M198 Howitzer mobile gun systems at $527,337 each: $2.7 million
  4. 74,000 Army machine guns at $4,000 each: $29 million [1]

So where does this equipment come from and how does it get into their hands?

The possession of such equipment is acquired via multiple avenues and below we will explore how these weapons fall into the “wrong” hands.


It is understandable that within a combat zone, looting and capturing of military hardware is reasonable. The issue remains however that the scale, sophistication, and nature of many of the weapon systems in the hands of ISIL, defies logical probabilities.

To loot so much equipment on such a grand scale is no easy task, and requires the stage to be set for the perfect heist.

Prior to the 2003 war in Iraq, the intelligence communities of the UK and Australia warned our governments that toppling Saddam would see the transfer of weapons into the hands of Al Qaeda and other terror organizations. These organizations would then proliferate and strengthen in the absence of a secure local government. [2]

Abandoned military hardware left behind by routing forces can be easily claimed.

Our governments, desperate to remove Saddam from power ignored these dire warnings from their advisors and the stage was set for a “free for all” grab of power, territory and deadly weaponry. The same deadly weaponry would then be turned against coalition forces as well as civilians within Iraq and later Syria. [3]

Furthermore, the US is in the habit of abandoning its military hardware in combat zones without rendering it useless before they pull out. We have seen this in the past in Vietnam and it was repeated in Iraq.

One can not claim incompetence, or poor foresight as the reason for the acquisition of weapons and thus the increase in strength of terrorist organizations. Particularly as our Intelligence communities briefed our governments on this outcome.

This points towards far more sinister and calculating motives.

Regime change policy in the Middle East is not a new concept.

US led and backed forces have directly and indirectly exerted their influence on the region for decades. We have seen the toppling of Saddam in Iraq, Gaddafi in Libya as well as an attempt to remove Assad in Syria, all within the last two decades.

Military interventions serve to destabilize the region allowing for local and foreign fighters to flood into the area and loot deadly weapons.

Many weapons that found their way into ISIL hands in Syria, were looted then smuggled directly out of Libya via Turkey after the removal of Gaddafi. [4]

The formula always seems to be the same. Arm disgruntled locals with advanced weaponry, training and logistics, then sit back and watch the local region burn in the flames of war.

The consequences of such actions are not properly considered, and the wars are usually justified by our leaders as wars for freedom and democracy. The gullible populations of our nations sadly buy into these blatant lies.

How does arming terror groups like ISIL benefit our governments?

It is quite simple really. ISIL and other extremist groups are the proxy forces of the West and its Middle Eastern allies.

Our governments can use these proxy forces to do our dirty work without risking our own troops.

The use of a  proxy force also allow us to pursue a course of action without obtaining the consent of the greater international community or our local populations.

Allowing terror organizations to loot weapons provides a very large insurgency force within the borders of any country that the West tries to overthrow.

In its arrogance, the west believes it can control these terrorists and contain them within the local region.

The inevitable fallout and proliferation of terror organizations, like ISIL, is a case of trying to manage multiple objectives that do not align with each other. The lies that our leaders feed us are becoming more and more desperate to justify the position that we find ourselves in today.

The simple fact is that we can not pursue our objectives of regime change while simultaneously fighting Islamic terror.

Direct supply of weapons

The next method of acquisition of military hardware by terror organizations is via direct supply. In some cases this is achieved via air drops.

The U.S has conducted many air drops in the Middle East, in an effort to supply weapons and ammunition to groups that oppose the Syrian government.

The fact that these weapons are intended for Kurdish and other non ISIL fighting groups has not prevented these weapons from getting into the hands of the enemy. [5]

us military drops go to isis

It has been reported that this has occurred a number of times within northern Iraq and Syria. This has not deterred the United States from from continuing with air drops that could see more weapons fall into the hands of terrorists.

State sponsored weapons and funding

It is well known that ISIL and other related “Wahhabi” terrorist organizations are directly funded by some Arab states that in turn receive multi billion dollar arms trades from the U.S, UK and Australia!

What was once a conspiracy theory, has become common knowledge, thanks to leaks by various sources that explicitly reveal that the Gulf states, (in particular Saudi Arabia) have been funneling money, weapons and logistic support to ISIL and other terror groups in the region.

In one particular leaked communication from Hillary Clinton’s email, it is revealed the U.S knew Saudi Arabia and Qatar were funding ISIL and other radical Sunni groups within the region back in 2014. [6]

Despite knowing this, in May of this year, America secured an additional $US110 billion arms deal, with Saudi Arabia. This is in addition to the already existing arms deal with the Arab State. The new deal brings the grand total of arms trade to $US350 billion, between the U.S and Saudi Arabia, to be facilitated over then next 10 years. [7]

This month, Australian Senator Scott Ludlam brought to the attention of the Australian Parliament the controversy of negotiating lucrative arms deals with Saudi Arabia when the government knows full well that the Saudi regime has been funding weapons to terror groups. These same weapons are also being used to target civilians in Yemen.

Senator Ludlam called for a motion to impose a weapons embargo on the Saudi’s. The motion was met with opposition by the Liberal National Coalition.

LNP Minister Christopher Pyne was on an arms-dealing tour of Saudi Arabia in December 2016. [8]

The logic of these arms deals are the very definition of insanity. How can we supply weapons to states that we know are supplying weapons to terrorists? We know that we will then have to fight those same terrorists that are strengthened by the supply of our own weapons.

If people are not starting to get the picture on how the world operates with these glaring facts, then sadly our populations have been brainwashed beyond measure.

The war on terror is a farce.

It is a manufactured and manipulated threat designed to distract the population from greedy politicians and their corporate donors profiteering on the back of the lucrative business called war.

The Australian people must wake up. Our tax payer dollars are being used to help terrorists proliferate while spreading misery across the globe.



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