Why participating in the same sex plebiscite is important regardless of your position on the issue.

Despite the fact that a plebiscite is a nonbinding vote under our constitution, in our opinion, it is none the less important that as many people participate and cast their vote.

While like many, we believed the plebiscite to be a waste of taxpayers money that could have been resolved on the parliament floor, we have to make do with the circumstances presented to us.

It is now here and there is nothing we can do about it.

The reason we now encourage as many people to participate is due to the fact that we rarely get the opportunity to vote on any single issue in Australia independent of the greater policies that are presented to us by our parties.

When we go to the voting booths to vote for our government, we are forced to lump all policies together, presented to us by the party we vote for.

This leads to many cases where voters do not agree with all the policies of the party they choose but overall that party presents a better option than the others.

Referendums and Plebiscites are unique in that they give us specific issues to vote on that are independent of other policies that a party may present.

It is a lock stock deal.

One Issue.

No party affiliation just your say in its purest form of democracy.

You might be thinking, “sure that is all well and good, but the government is under no obligation to change or keep any laws regardless of the result of a plebiscite.”

Again this is true.

However, it does create a very awkward situation for the government in the case that a vote one way or another holds a significant majority over the opposite vote.

It would be very difficult for a government to not enact legislation change, for instance, if the YES vote holds a significant margin over the NO vote.

It would be undemocratic and a gross waste of taxpayers money that can not be justified from that point on and the LNP party would lose credibility as an honest and competent party even in the eyes of its own voters.

The same goes in reverse.

Should the NO vote carry the day the government is not going to sabotage its base and alienate its constituents by changing legislation.

This is why we will be voting this plebiscite and we encourage all that have registered to make sure you fill out the ballot and let your voice be heard.

(Please be respectful of others opinions on the matter. A debate is healthy but when we insult each other over our views, then we just add to the divide and conquer mentality. At the end of the day we are all Australians and want the best for our nation.)



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